Lack of a clear road map is one of the key reasons why IT projects tend to experience cost overruns and/or implementation failures. Many manufacturers start on a project that sounds like a good idea, only to realize too late that they do not have the necessary infrastructure or environment or that the solution will not fit with their future business needs. We leverage our knowledge, frameworks, and innovative approach to ensure that your projects are set up to succeed.

How Wipro Helps

We use our vast global experience to align your business and IT vision into one integrated end-to-end solution and identify risks and areas of opportunity. We help you:

  • Create an achievable roadmap and timeline for your project and identify clear and measurable success parameters
  • Map value streams and productivity improvements to drive cost and time savings
  • Perform a broad and deep analysis of the sector, business functions, objectives, KPIs, and ROI
  • Create cost models and identify both tangible and intangible business benefits
  • Ensure maximum ROI and drive innovative strategies for the present and future of your company

Our consultants are subject matter experts with more than 15+ years of experience in various sectors of manufacturing.

Success Highlight

For a Large Farm and Construction Equipment Manufacturer: Wipro's consultants analyzed the sector, business, and systems to help them make a decision on re-platforming of their legacy/homegrown MES systems. Our assessment provided them with a comprehensive risk analysis and full transition plan for a project with these projected benefits:

  • A 10% reduction in work in progress (WIP) inventory levels
  • A 12% reduction in labor overtime costs
  • A 21% reduction in rework and scrap
  • Intangible benefits of application consolidation, mitigation of technology risk, improved governance, ease of use, and greater decision support