Silicon and System Offerings

Semiconductor manufacturers, both fabless and integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) are engaged in conceptualizing and delivering products to their target industries. The hardware aspect of the product development value stream is based on two core engineering areas: Silicon Design and System Design. But Semiconductor companies face challenges in managing their engineering capacity and R&D investments in the face of heightened competition and aggressive business targets. It has thus become imperative for them to engage global engineering partners.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro has been offering Silicon and System Design services for over 20 years. We help you manage growth and cost targets in a resource constrained world. Key aspects that set us apart are:

  • In-house engineering, quality and review processes and frameworks
  • Knowledge and technology acquisition and management frameworks
  • Rich domain expertise serving product engineering and development in industries like consumer electronics, telecom, industrial, automotive and medical devices

Our offerings have been developed and customized to align with your diverse global needs.

  • Silicon Design - Point Services


    In the arena of Silicon development, the simplest offerings are skill-based services. They span the Silicon development lifecycle, from conceptualization to mass production. Wipro's offerings include:

    • Device architecture and design
    • Digital and analog design and verification
    • Physical implementation
    • Test and product engineering
    • Silicon production enablement and supply chain / yield management

    Silicon Design - End-to-end Services


    We also offer comprehensive Silicon development services including:

    • Derivative design and turnkey Silicon development which enables higher levels of collaboration
    • Skill-based central engineering service offerings, which are relevant for companies with a large portfolio of Semiconductor products

    System Design


    Our design service offerings include mechanical, industrial, electrical, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and thermal design. These are crucial to post-manufacturing activities like silicon testing, characterization, validation and end-product prototyping.