Computer Software

The Computer Software industry is driven by ever-evolving consumer demands centered on continuous innovation, faster time to market and cost-efficiency. The increasing dominance of future technologies such as social, mobility, cloud computing and analytics has also transformed the way Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) conduct business. The trend to shift from “On Premise” to “As a Service” is becoming dominant and organizations in this space are clearly moving in this direction. This means that ISVs need to develop smart product engineering solutions to cater to the new trends.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro has comprehensive service offerings with competencies in formulating product strategy, product development, lifecycle management services and new technology services. We offer the following services:

  • IT
  • BPO
  • End-to-end infrastructure management which includes End User Computing, Service Desk, Network Services, Hosting as well Identity and Access Management
  • Product Engineering which includes core engineering, product migration, quality assurance, sustenance, technical support and end-of-life product solutions
  • Product Engineering/Cloud Engineering


    Wipro enables you to do business better by reducing time to market and cutting down R&D and IT costs through innovative operational models.

    The enhanced sophistication and increasing requirement for multi-platform and utility applications is driving the market toward virtualization, cloud computing, and SaaS practices.

    Wipro utilizes its product engineering and cloud engineering knowledge to help you in this journey. We reduce the cloud migration cycles by leveraging our accelerators and frameworks.

    Wipro can help to extend the customer enterprise across private and public cloud targets. Wipro's Product Engineering services can help re-architect customer's products to make them "Cloud Ready".

    We have developed efficient solutions which help to simplify operations by offering a single view for monitoring and managing extended enterprise.



    Managing business will continue to get tougher. Using data and meaningful insights to make decisions will be the key to growth. Learning from consumers can be leveraged for competitive advantage using Big Data and analytics. This is another trend gaining predominance among ISVs.

    Wipro can be a trusted partner enabling you in smarter decision making using data science algorithms, business intelligence and advanced visualization technologies with data and processing knowledge.

    We have multiple accelerators in this space including Hosted Analytical Solution for Marketing Mix Modeling, Markdown and Promo Pricing Optimization, MDM Framework as well as "Know Your Analytics" solution pack for different industries.

    Wipro Analytics offerings span the entire breadth and consist of below areas:

    • Solution Definition and Asset creation
    • Strategy and Roadmap consulting
    • Business value and User Experience
    • Data Discovery Platform and Data Science
    • Technology Transformation
    • Demand sensing, Pricing and Promo Analytics
    • Sales, Marketing and Digital Analytics
    • Financial Performance Analytics
    • Vendor Performance and Supply Chain Analytics
    • Operational Analytics

    Open Source

    The influence of Open Source has been expanding across software market segments for more than a decade across both the traditional software organizations as well as the new age organizations which have come up over the past 4-5 years.

    Open Source gives you huge cost benefits coupled with the flexibility to customize as well as switch from one product to another. Open Source also provides access to latest technologies much faster. For e.g., recent trends such as mobile, API, IoT etc. are gaining a lot of traction in Open Source.

    One of the disruptive technology trends among the ISVs is the adoption of APIs. Many organizations have started offering their partners, clients, contributors and users the ability to access data and conduct business transactions by exposing a set of public, documented and secured APIs that can be invoked over the Internet. In the API space, Wipro provides various kinds of services such as:

    • Advisory services
    • Architecture services
    • API Implementation services
    • Managed services
    • Product evaluation

    From an Open Source perspective, we have a number of frameworks, migration solutions, consulting assets as well as partner solutions which accelerate your journey into Open Source. Wipro provides the following services:

    • Advise - Where and how to introduce Open Source in an organization
    • Consult - Create the roadmap
    • Architect - Define the architecture and rollout plan
    • Implement - Enable the offering