Wipro Assure Health

With the rapidly evolving care delivery model, health systems are leveraging TeleHealth and advanced remote patient monitoring to provide anytime anywhere patient care services. With ever increasing patient acuity levels, medical and surgical care in hospitals continues to consume Healthcare resources. TeleHealth provides a cost-effective and viable model to help improve patient access, outcomes and cost reduction. It’s a natural extension of hospital’s acute care services to provide seamless access to physician and nurses regardless of the location, time and clinical condition.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro Assure Health™ is an award winning, disruptive solution that enables affordable patient-centric Healthcare through non-invasive wearable sensors, advanced mobility, cloud-based analytics and evidence-based decision support system.

Our TeleHealth solution combines best-in-class:

  • Video infrastructure
  • Medical gateway to transmit data between various devices
  • Portal-based decision support/advanced analytics
  • Remote patient monitoring devices
  • Clinical staff for care coordination services that both extend and enhance patient

From physicians to data scientists, we offer a powerful combination of business, technical and clinical experts that include over a 100 domain experts.

We have a powerful solution-set to deliver innovative TeleHealth and remote patient monitoring solutions, including Remote Fetal Monitoring and Cardiac Care that ensures high quality treatment at reduced cost, especially for chronic diseases.

The solution leverages the following platforms:

  • Wipro Assure Health
  • Remote Consultation
  • TeleHealth Technology Partners

Our capabilities include:

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Disease management/ wellness counseling
  • Customer contact center

Our investments in value-added platforms help you differentiate your TeleHealth offerings. We enable you to constantly engage with patients across the care continuum by merging technologies and allowing clinical data collection, remote monitoring as well as hospital visits.

Our Tools and Enablers

Workflow and workforce management tools: These tools facilitate claims inventory management, calls management, capacity planning, agent rostering and real-time agent monitoring.

E-Spectrum: This Web-based, proprietary, knowledge management tool disseminates information such as business rule updates and state mandate updates to all claims processors on the floor in a single instance.

Click-to-chat: This virtual chat solution has the ability to respond automatically to 80% of customer inquiries and reduces contact center staff by over 50%.

Speech analytics tool: A Web-based, analytics tool that aids in analyzing the pattern and reasons for repeat calls, calls with high Average Handling Time as well as root causes of irate customer calls. This helps you introduce mitigation measures that stem end-customer attrition and improve CSAT scores.

Global listening platform: We combine robust analytical processes with third-party social media monitoring tools to analyze and report customer perception on social media, providing you with actionable insights.

Success Stories:
  • For a leading US teaching hospital: Reduced length of stay for patients by 30% (from 72 hours to 48 hours) and reduced costs by over 60% by adopting a flexible, pay-per-case, pricing model
  • For a healthcare provider: Coded a volume of 200,000 visits per annum with a CSAT score of more than 95%
  • For a US-based, community voluntary health organization for cancer: With automation of call list, increased contacts/hour by 68% and achieved a quality target of 97.62% as against a target of 90%


Wipro was awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock Award 2014, in the category of "Innovative Product/Service" for Wipro's Assure HealthTM solution in India.