Wipro 360 Patient Centricity Solution

Consumer-driven health is encouraging health information empowerment and transfer of knowledge so that patients can be informed and, therefore, be more involved in the decision-making process. Unified communication, health information technologies and patient-centered care delivery are pivotal to competent provision of care in the new era of reform and value-based care. There is an absolute need for Patient-Centric solutions that address challenges.

How Wipro Helps

The Wipro 360 Digital Patient Centricity suite of solutions and services help Payors, Providers and health care agencies to leverage technology to advance next generation patient-centered care. We help bring people, technologies and partners together to deliver patient-centered care in a post-reform environment.

Our suite of offerings include:

  • Digital Patient Engagement Solution (Mobile and SFDC cloud based): Enables care coordination, care plans, Rx adherence, digital discharge, appointments, gaps in care, reminders and alerts, follow-up planning
  • Glass Health: Trauma care solution leveraging Google Glass. Enables hands-free multi-media collaboration between EMT and Intensivist, customizable to emergency care workflow, on-scene vital sign integration (EKG, pulse oximetry, capnography), patient encounter information, EKG Waveform decision support
  • Assure Health: TeleHealth and remote patient monitoring, includes remote devices, medical gateway, remote consultation through a portal, clinical decision support
  • Digital Member Engagement Solution: Provides access to information on claims, benefits, cost/quality comparison, personal health records, care plans, formulary, quote
  • Healthcare Big Data Analytics Solution: Enables identification of high cost-high risk patients, gaps in care (chronic condition and preventative) care planning, re-admission risk management
  • Population Health Management Services: Individualized care plans for members with chronic health conditions - medical and behavioral. Services include icare co-ordination, utilization reviews, pre-authorization, inpatient discharge coordination and transitional care for readmission avoidance, compliance with preventive care

Our combination of solutions, services and strategic partners allows you to deliver patient-centered solutions across the care lifecycle. Blending robust analytics with consumer and enterprise applications, the solution helps engage with patients at the right place and at the right time.

The key features of our solution suite include:

  • Pre-built applications - which can be deployed in weeks, not months
  • Analytic products - with proven ROIs
  • Innovative solution - delivered by an Advanced Technologies engineering team with robust industry leading partners