Healthcare Distribution

Regulatory changes, cost pressures, new reimbursement models, consolidation in care delivery markets and emergence of new products and services are not only leading to a disruption in the Healthcare industry, but also unleashing a wave of new opportunities for Healthcare distributors. The need for distributors is, thus, to initiate a new way of working that allows them to reap benefits of these opportunities while positioning themselves for growth.

How Wipro Helps

We help distributors serve customers better by using technologies that power the supply chain, while ensuring that CRM initiatives are effectively aligned with Healthcare distribution targets.

Our solutions address the entire distributor value chain, including purchasing medical supplies, laboratory supplies and pharmacy supplies.

It allows you to:

  • Streamline operations across different business units and improve regulatory compliance
  • Have next generation integrated supply chain distribution flow and monitor pricing performance

Our comprehensive suite of services covers:

  • Pharmacy
    • Distribution systems support
    • Pharmacy Master Data Management
    • Analytics and Information Management
  • Medical Products
    • Supply chain systems support
    • Medical manufacturing ERP support
    • CRM systems transformation and support
  • Shared Services
    • Infrastructure transformation and support
    • Business Process Management
    • Testing centers of excellence
    • Centralized SAP centers of excellence