Subsurface, Drilling and Wells

Upstream businesses are facing significant challenges as they work to enhance recovery from existing fields, deploy new methods, mobilize resources in new geographies and drill sites. There is a need to comply with regulatory requirements and efficiently govern, manage and tap vast quantities of information. Workflows have to be re-invented to do more with less and faster. Reliable information sources are a prerequisite to support successful drilling, well operations and strategies to turn subsurface information into a competitive advantage.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's global Subsurface and Drilling, Completions and Wells teams help you:

  • Streamline deployment of resources and solutions
  • Optimize use of scarce resources
  • Improve access to data while minimizing the need for data manipulation
  • Transform data into insight
  • Make success repeatable
  • Subsurface


    We assess data landscape, define comprehensive workflow and data management strategies, frameworks, program governance models and architectures.

    Our offerings include:

    • Solutions that address seismic, geology, borehole, reservoir and master data management
    • A workflow-driven approach to seismic data access, transfer and load that enables self-service for streamlining and shortening the timeframe to interpretation
    • Geographic information system capabilities and portals

    Drilling, Completions and Wells


    We leverage industry best practices to help you assess well planning, well engineering, drilling operations and well analysis processes and systems. We help identify strategies for solution design, execution and support.

    Our offerings include:

    • Solutions for drilling, completions and wells data management, domain systems integration and drilling decision support, well delivery and well integrity and drill rig connectivity
    • Data management specifications and data migration quality assurance
    • Methodologies for testing and sanctioning, infrastructure and applications build and deployment
    • Level 2 and 3 application and environment support