Companies that are involved in the production and distribution of natural gas are facing a lot of challenges. As operating margins continue to shrink, companies are looking for ways to expand their value chains. There is a need for regular reporting of intraday position and risk.

RapidLNG is a powerful, out-of-the-box software solution for your complete end-to-end LNG value chain, i.e. planning, trading and shipping requirements. It is a result of a seamless integration of the following software solutions: Wipro’s PAO (Planning and Optimization) LNG solution, OpenLink’s Endur LNG Xpress, Veson Nautical’s Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS) LNG Module and Veslink.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro, in collaboration with OpenLink and Veson Nautical, has created a best-in-class software platform that specifically supports LNG planning, shipping and trading requirements for traders, schedulers and others involved in the buying, selling, storing or regasification of LNG for local market distribution. The pre-configured software package can help companies reduce operating costs, as well as reduce the need for expensive reconciliations and IT infrastructure.

Solution Features:

  • Optimize the entire supply chain for LNG and prepare an operations and delivery plan for the entire year
  • Manage risk and P&L reporting across your LNG assets in near-real-time, including maritime transportation as well as physical and paper trades
  • Deliver robust functionality to support your trading, chartering, voyage operations and financial department's workflow and success
  • Automate LNG-specific bunker calculations like Boil-off/FOE Conversion, allowing your shipping operations to generate accurate voyage P&Ls and increase operational efficiency
  • Enable seamless data transfer throughout the entire LNG value chain

Key Solution Differentiators:

With respect to planning, Wipro's Planning and Optimization (PAO) LNG Solution is a pre-configured application geared towards optimizing the entire supply chain of LNG companies. It uses sophisticated operations research algorithms to solve problems and can prepare an operations and delivery plan for the entire year.

To support trading requirements, OpenLink's Endur LNG Xpress is a pre-configured packaged solution for front to back trading of LNG and risk management on a single platform.

With respect to shipping, Veson Nautical's IMOS LNG offers LNG tanker charterers and owners the first software solution designed around their business processes. IMOS LNG captures LNG vessel and voyage properties and streamlines operational data flow across chartering, operations, financials and vessel reporting.


  • Achieve comprehensive risk management throughout the supply chain due to seamless integration between Wipro PAO, Endur LNG Xpress and IMOS LNG
  • Improve decision-making and increase profits through powerful reporting and greater visibility to costs across all your business functions
  • Minimize operating costs by reducing the need for expensive reconciliations and IT infrastructure, by leveraging this rapidly deployable pre-configured solution