Supply Chain Optimization

Tobacco is a high throughput industry. With high inventory churns, tight integration between Supply Chain and manufacturing ensures that shipment reaches distribution centers and retail stores on time. With premium brands appearing in emerging markets, increase in counterfeiting and illegal trading is also becoming a major concern. There is need for robust tracking and tracing solutions in the Supply Chain to curb counterfeiting.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Supply Chain expertise and deep Tobacco domain know-how helps you identify and conceptualize strategic solutions for:

  • Real-time visibility of plant performance through KPIs such as overall equipment efficiency
  • Global manufacturing and Supply Chain visibility for better decision making
  • Traceability to enable better end-to-end tracking

Solution Components

Our Supply Chain Optimization Practice uses a number of solutions to meet the needs of the Tobacco industry:

  • Supply Chain Analytics, Segmentation and Visibility: It provides data-driven insights into various KPIs in the Supply Chain. It is then stratified into groups based on characteristics of the product, demand and supply that enable organizations to provide differentiated services and products
  • Manufacturing Execution System: It enables automated manufacturing operations with real-time plant performance measures and visibility, within and across plants through integration and plant automation
  • Track and Traceability: There is a huge loss of revenue for Tobacco organizations as contraband, counterfeit products and illicit trading of Tobacco eat into its gross sales. This has forced organizations to have robust track and tracing systems in place that give them the capability to trace products from the consumer to the source of tobacco and raw materials used
  • Lean Operations: Process-oriented approach toward managing uncertainties for a more predictable and agile Supply Chain, resulting in lower working capital