Product Lifecycle Management

The Tobacco industry is known for high-brand loyalty among consumers. At the same time, introduction of new products to expand consumer base is also key to driving loyalty. The industry needs innovative Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to ensure the highest levels of customer retention and business expansion.

How Wipro Helps

Better analytics and insights into the concept of the launch cycle are pivotal to the success of new products. Wipro ensures that you gain these insights by:

  • Using and adopting our end-to-end PLM practices
  • Having seamless integration between PLM and manufacturing
  • Gaining tighter integration of PLM right from leaf to cigarette
  • Providing new product launch analysis

We deliver future-ready PLM solutions through our Engineering Capability Maturity Model (eCMM), adherence to stringent quality processes based on Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and Six Sigma and a proprietary "Cookbook Methodology".


We help assess market readiness of new products and accelerate implementation, migration and enhancements to create capacity for increased number of launches, and shrink cycle time. We enable this through a variety of processes and solutions such as:

  • Lean-oriented New Product Introduction: Focus on process optimization and reducing cycle time across product development
  • Product Development Process Maturity: Across product development processes to enable you to build an effective roadmap of business transformation initiatives
  • New Product Introduction (NPI) Metrics: Enables you to measure success of NPI

The benefits of Rapid New Product Launch (RNPI) processes include:

  • Enables faster decision making thereby reducing the time to market
  • Enhances tracking and traceability of products resulting in lowered cost of recalls
  • Helps to avoid errors through automated syncing of data
  • Helps improve regulatory compliance