Insights driven by Analytics

Tobacco organizations rely on a significant amount of customer data. Equally significant is the availability of real-time data in the operations and supply chain. While forecasting techniques offer a fair amount of accuracy, advanced analytics provide deeper insights into demand sensing patterns and better demand fulfillment efficiencies.

How Wipro Helps

Gaining faster access to market and valuable customer and internal insights are the key business imperatives for the Tobacco industry. Wipro ensures you achieve these through our best in class supply chain systems, ERP systems and trade promotion systems. Our solution caters to the specific functions within your value chain by:

  • Leveraging the high volumes, velocity and variety of data
  • Aligning analytics to business goals
  • Reducing costs while improving market share

Solution Components

Our Analytics solution covers the following areas:

  • In-Memory Computing: In today's demand-driven industry, the need for acquiring real-time consumer insights is critical. Real time in-memory computing technology capability such as SAP HANA offers real-time Analytics on large volumes of data to meet this need
  • Trade Promotion Optimization: Helps build price and promotion analysis using Promax solutions that leverage a proprietary PAD (Process, Analytics and Data Management) methodology. We also provide an Analytics team and a platform to speed up trade promotion and marketing mix analysis
  • Demand Forecasting and Replenishment via Demand Signal Sensing: Helps to acquire market and demand insights and create the foundation for an agile real-time organization
  • Predictive Signals and Algorithms: We apply Opera Solutions machine learning expertise to deliver pre-discovered predictive signals and algorithms that, when combined with global delivery models, help create Big Data Analytics solutions