Digital Transformation

The need for timely insights to enable quick decision making is a growing need in the Tobacco industry. The digital medium is enabling this by using techniques that help link the entire value chain to smoker touch points. This helps make data available for fast, accurate and reliable decision-making.

How Wipro Helps

Digital Transformation needs to be enterprise-wide for any real impact. Wipro helps you with:

  • End-to-end Digital Transformation
  • Superior understanding of customers, targeting of customers
  • Increase in top line

We understand that digitizing and integrating organizational and operational assets and systems into a digital network can be expensive. We, therefore, use cost-effective strategies along with technology-agnostic solutions to simplify systems and minimize obsolescence.

Solution Components

Some of our Digital Transformation solutions for the multi-stakeholder ecosystem of the Tobacco businesses include:

  • Digital Factory Services: A managed service that creates content across multiple vendors. It helps publish content quickly, accurately and cost-effectively while creating consistency and economies of scale
  • Digital Asset Management - DAM: DAM guides and controls the creation and workflow, measures the success, and monitors and feeds successful content. It uses document and record management based on channels, enabling economies of scale by integrating with back-office ERP and third-party vendor systems, application development and support. This results in savings in content creation
  • E-commerce ecosystem (Encore): Cloud-based, mobile, modular e-commerce platform to meet the elastic demand for IT infrastructure and services. It enables seamless integration with enterprise systems and enhances dynamic collaboration between partners