Business Process Services

As Tobacco organizations grow in size through consolidation, their challenges will be to optimize business processes and reduce costs. This will help them stay competitive and retain brand loyalty. However, the tax laws prevalent in different geographies also have an impact on sales and revenues. Therefore, Business Process Services (BPS) is a strategic step toward improving and maintaining service levels while reducing costs.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's industry-focused BPS provides you with an effective cost management lever. We enable this by:

  • Leveraging Base)))™, a proprietary platform with 320 unique processes and 25 productized solutions for standardized and efficient operations
  • Offering a utility-based value-driven service model to control costs

Our BPS is business outcome focused, can create a dependable repository of institutionalized knowledge, and guarantee transparency, controls, compliance and customer management simplification.

We have feature-rich and scalable 24X7 customer service solutions across multiple channels, geographies and languages. Our BPS solutions help you with:

  • Functional processes:
    • Rebate deductions: Returned or unsold cigarettes, expired cigarettes deduction claims, claims on cigarettes lost due to theft
    • Finance administration: Taxation, cost best practices, rationalization
    • Sales support: Inbound sales (including cross sell and up sell)
  • Process optimization: Self-help, call reduction and deflection strategies
  • Administrative support: Billing, value-add services, service order processing, workforce dispatch, claims
  • Help desk support: Employee helpdesks, customer retention programs