Consolidation as a means for growth has become a key trend in the Tobacco industry. The industry is also churning alternative products such as electronic cigarettes to meet consumers’ changing needs and legislative requirements. With a throughput of billions of cigarettes, there is a greater need for optimal supply chain management and operational efficiencies to achieve lower cost to serve and enable growth.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro enables you with cost-effective sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain efficiencies, business processes and regulatory compliance. Our solutions and services address the following:

  • End-to-end application support - From leaf supply chain to cigarette manufacturing, distribution and shelf
  • Tracking and traceability - To fight counterfeiting and illicit trade
  • IT Infrastructure - Expansion and innovation focusing on variabilization of IT costs
  • Value-based consulting - Tightly integrating sales, marketing and digital to optimize supply chains

With a team of experts from the Tobacco industry in the supply chain, sales and marketing functions, we help meet all your industry-specific needs.

Areas we Cover:

Supply Chain

  • Supply and Demand Planning - Integrated leaf to cigarette to retail store demand and supply planning
  • Supply Chain Analytics - Manufacturing visibility, real-time plant performance
  • Contract Management - Deductions, rebates from leaf to shelf
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) - Superior inventory management

Sales and Marketing

  • Trade Promotion - Successfully evolving from management to optimization of trade spend
  • Marketing Spend - Optimize spend and increase customer coverage
  • Customer Insights - Consumer insights through opt-in programs and analytics
  • Trade Promotion - Leverage the power of retail channels

Strategic Functions

  • Traceability Management - Leaf to shelf and shelf to leaf
  • Mobility - Opt-in business-to-business, business-to-employee
  • New Product Development - Driving more successful product launches


  • Enterprise Solutions: SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft
  • Acquisitions, Investments: Promax (TPM/TPO), Opera (Analytics)
  • Alliances: JDA, Dassault Systems, GE, Apriso, GMA, ThinkVine