POS & In-Store Operation

Retailers are seeking advanced Point of Sale (POS) solutions so that they can turn every store into a powerful, flexible and sustainable portal of commerce. In-Store solutions offer Retailers a way to ensure that their customers always find what they want or its equivalent substitute. The solutions also help with customer profiling and an In-Store connected environment enables cross-selling and upselling.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's POS and In-Store Solution leverages technologies to meet your expectations, improve efficiency, and boost employee productivity through:

  • Modern queue busting video analytics to dynamically open POS counters
  • Contactless mobile wallets and NFC payments
  • Intelligent, convenient in-aisle scanners for self-checkouts or faster checkouts
  • Linking POS terminals to inventory, CRM systems and customer data to create superior business intelligence
  • In-Store digital signage, real-time customer communication and product information, digital assistance for store associates

With these solutions, you can expect to see shorter checkout lines and lower cart abandonment rates.

The Buy Anywhere, Get Anywhere and Return Anywhere Solution

We have a strategic partnership with Toshiba to implement Mobile POS solution - TCx Gravity. This solution empowers shoppers to buy anywhere, get anywhere and return anywhere.

The browser-based application creates a single view of the customer, items, promotions and pricing. Store associates can create and manage orders, no matter where they originated, using a single platform with cross-channel visibility to help consumers buy, pick up and return anywhere.

In-Store Solution Components

We enable the transformation to a future retail store IT landscape involving migration of In-Store applications, data and storage toward data centers as a means to optimize on cost, quality management and customer service. The future-ready retail store strategy addresses:

  • In-Store experiences include snap and learn, speak to locate, proximity customer engagement, in store navigation
  • Mobile POS via self-checkout, mobile payment and mobile couponing
  • Omni channel enablement for seamless customer experience
  • Store operations
    • Store layout and opening
    • Workforce management
    • Store compliance
    • Event and promotions management
    • Shrink management
    • Audits and reporting
    • Signage
    • Gift registry
    • Kiosks
  • Returns management
  • BYOD
  • Mobile custom application leveraging mobile testing and mobile security