Retail – Segments

Retail customers are connected, know where to find the best prices and are much better informed today. Retailers need in-store and digital solutions to manage the complete journey of these highly-informed customers of today – from discovery, recommendations, offers, payments, fulfillment, product maintenance to returns. Consumer Goods (CG) organizations also need to connect their manufacturing and production operations to their customer-facing retail businesses. This necessitates stitching back-end ERP process with front-end customer-facing processes, and weaving those into intuitive, omni channel, personalized experiences.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Retail solutions help CG organizations:

  • Monitor real-time energy deviations and identify opportunities for energy savings
  • Leverage POS technology to meet customer expectations, improve efficiency and boost employee productivity
  • Use Big Data platforms to cope with high volumes, velocity and varieties of data

Our dedicated Retail domain expertise enables the transformation to a future-ready retail store by involving migration of in-store applications, data and storage towards data centers as a means to better cost, quality management and customer service.

  • Areas Covered

    • Consumer Insights
    • Social Media Management
    • Mobile Enablement
    • POS Solutions
    • E-Commerce Platforms
    • Cross Channel Brand Experience
    • Merchandizing Science
    • In-Store Navigation
    • Demand Sensing
    • CRM and Loyalty Benefits
    • Trade Promotions
    • Operations Optimization
    • Warranty and Returns Management
    • Logistics/Reverse Logistics
    • Regulatory and Compliance Reporting


    • Market researchers/analysts
    • Brand managers
    • Purchase, Logistics and Warehousing specialists
    • Supply Chain professionals
    • Big Data and Analytics experts
    • Retail App developers
    • Energy Management professionals
    • Retail surveillance and security managers


    • Enterprise Solutions: SAP, Oracle, IBM
    • Mergers & Acquisitions: Promax (TPM/TPO), Opera Solutions
    • Alliances: JDA Software Group, Microsoft, GE, Toshiba