Rapid New Product Innovation

Innovation by way of launching new categories and product lines is a key growth driver for Home & Personal Care (HPC) companies. However, successful innovation requires accurately identifying consumer demands and collecting data insights by applying the right analytics. This means your business must be ready with practices and processes that sense what consumers want and translate those signals into new product designs with necessary regulatory compliance.

How Wipro Helps

The HPC industry is marred with the challenges of high cost of product launches, huge time to market, continuously evolving technologies and product re-engineering costs. Wipro helps you:

  • Adopt efficient processes for Rapid New Product Innovation (RNPI) to lower costs
  • Optimize product portfolio for improved profitability
  • Deliver distinctive quality for a competitive edge
  • Develop a customer driven innovative product
  • Maintain the highest product standards to improve customer appeal
  • Capture production processes to meet regulatory compliances and environmental codes

Our Engineering Capability Maturity Model (eCMM) and a proprietary "Cookbook Methodology" deliver future ready RNPI and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions.

Solution Components

We build agile RNPI and PLM strategies and roadmaps, assess readiness and accelerate implementation, migration and enhancements to create capacity for increased product launches, shrink cycle time and enable growth. We enable this through a variety of processes and solutions such as:

  • Lean Oriented New Product Introduction: Streamlining process optimization and reducing cycle time across product development
  • Product Development Process Maturity: Across product development processes to enable you to build an effective roadmap of business transformation initiatives
  • Integrated New Product Development and PLM Landscape Study: Assessment of R&D and IT/PLM footprints enabling you to adopt an integrated approach to NPD and realize higher ROI on the PLM investment
  • Package Evaluation: Understand product development ecosystem to find the best-fit PLM solution as PLM has moved from being an engineering centric to an enterprise wide phenomenon
  • Product Innovation Process: Enables you to seek out opportunities for innovation and prevent loss of ideas

The benefits of RNPI processes include:

  • Enhanced tracking and traceability of product hierarchy
  • Lowered cost of Quality Control (QC) and recalls
  • Lower risk of regulatory non compliance
  • Reduced time to market