IT Infrastructure Services

With evolving business requirements in the Health & Personal Care (HPC) industry, IT infrastructure would have to be ramped up/down to comply with higher operational efficiencies. We leverage our expertise in IT infrastructure to help you improve customer centricity and focus on your core product and service offerings. With our Infrastructure service, you will have an improved Business-to-IT alignment.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's IT Infrastructure service helps you:

  • Be cost-effective, reliable and cutting edge
  • Extract maximum value from your infrastructure investments
  • Optimize total cost of ownership of your IT infrastructure
  • Improve infrastructure utilization and reduce costs
  • Faster technology innovation for enhanced business growth

In addition, our next generation Managed Service, ServiceNXTTM, leverages hyper-automation and machine learning algorithms to address IT operation challenges innovatively.


We have a stronghold in the HPC IT Infrastructure service space along with strong domain capabilities and implementation expertise across:

  • Data Center - Applications, storage, backup and disaster recovery
  • End User Computing
  • Managed Services:
    • Networks
    • Cloud
    • Mobility
  • Business Advisory
  • Global System Integration