Insights driven by Analytics

Home & Personal Care (HPC) organizations need to make faster, smarter and more accurate decisions in this ever competitive marketplace to remain at the forefront and drive growth globally. Analytics empowers you to derive key customer insights from radical use of data to drive decision making.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro helps you with predictive customer analytics in your decision making process to turn insights into actions. We help you have a competitive advantage in the marketplace and assure continuous business process improvement using analytics by:

  • Extracting value out of voluminous data
  • Processing customer insights to achieve operational finesse
  • Improving ROI and market share


Our Analytics solution covers the following areas for the HPC industry:

  • Trade promotion management via the functionality-rich Promax to have optimized promotional spends and budget analysis
  • Demand forecasting and replenishment via Demand Signal Management (DSiM) to glean near real-time market and demand insights to enable better distribution and inventory management
  • Encore - a cloud-based, mobile, modular, managed multi-channel ecommerce platform to meet elastic demand for IT infrastructure and services, thus enabling seamless integrations with enterprise systems
  • Our Insights in a Box and Precision Retailing solutions help you do one-on-one marketing, targeted campaigning and new product development by defining, profiling, and targeting specific segments of shoppers, trips, stores, and products. This helps satisfy consumer needs with the right products. The solution also helps transform retail marketing strategies
  • In the Big Data Analytics space, we combine Opera Solutions machine learning expertise, to deliver pre-discovered predictive signals and algorithms that combine with Global Delivery Models and help create industry-specific Big Data Analytics solutions such as Consumer Signal HubTM and SignalSensorTM