Industry Advisory& Business Consulting

The Home & Personal Care (HPC) industry is subject to increasing number of challenges. Optimizing costs, increasing brand loyalty, understanding the consumer behavior and enhancing consumer experiences globally are the top-most concerns for all the big players. To stay relevant and drive growth, you need to innovate.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro provides you Advisory and Business Consulting service at the front end where shoppers' behavior has to be measured and the back end where supply chain challenges are to be addressed.

We leverage our strong base of consultants across the consumer goods spectrum, the Consumer Goods Academy and our HPC process accelerators to help you:

  • Draw insights from customer data and analyze complex customer behavior
  • Provide sustainable competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding marketplace
  • Increase sales and improve margins

Our HPC Advisory and Business Consulting service functions across the value chain of "Chemicals-to-Cosmetics," from product concepts to design, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. We help you with our strong domain capabilities so that you can focus on technological advancements that can improve your ROI while addressing the innovation needs simultaneously.

Areas covered/solution components

Our Industry Advisory & Business Consulting service covers the entire value chain including:

  • ERP: Deployment, transformation and integration across business
  • Product benchmarking: Consulting services that drive product enhancements and new product introductions, pricing and marketing strategies
  • Value Chain Optimization: Warehouse management solutions, supply and demand planning, supply chain analytics, rapid new product introduction, supply chain visibility
  • Consumer Data Management/Shopper Analytics: Profiling, personalization, incentivizing, targeting content and products, match product to customers, trip profiling
  • Sales/Store Analytics: Increased sell through for seasonal categories, increasing basket size, increasing share of wallet, assortment management, retail competitive set, in-store digital display and interactivity
  • Campaign Effectiveness/Management: Marketing spend management and optimization, promotional spend management and optimization through TPM/TPO and marketing mix analysis, timing, messaging - content based on media type
  • Incentive Design: Pricing by store/ cluster, promotional elements, assortments
  • Omni Channel: e-store design, planogram, smart cards, mobile enablement for sales, marketing and enterprise processes (ERP, CRM, BPO)
  • POS Solutions: Scan, Loyalty card
  • Predictive Models: Price elasticity, demand sensing, next best action to monetize consumer interaction
  • Social Media Management: Sentiment analytics, CRM, Campaign effectiveness
  • IT Support: Applications and Infrastructure


  • We deliver business value by partnering with leading technology providers like:
  • Enterprise Solutions: SAP, Oracle, IBM
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Promax (TPM/TPO), Opera Solutions
  • Alliances: JDA, Microsoft, GE, GMA