Digital Transformation

Health & Personal Care (HPC) organizations that go digital will be able to connect more effectively with their customers and bring about smarter innovations in their products and services, thus enhancing their consumer experiences. Digital Transformation would enable enterprises to digitally link their front end processes to the back end.

How Wipro Helps

Digital Transformation needs to be enterprise wide for real impact. Wipro utilizes latest technologies to create digital linkages between sourcing, manufacturing, quality, logistics, warehousing, inventory, sales, marketing, supply chain, project planning, finance, human resources, social media, CRM, etc. Our Digital Transformation solution helps you in:

  • Connecting disconnected packets of digital data
  • End to end Digital Transformation with focus on consumer centricity
  • Superior understanding of consumers; superior targeting of consumers

Wipro helps you create a digital business strategy which is aligned to your business objectives. Organizations that have digitally transformed themselves have explored new opportunities for growth and have a sustainable future-ready business model. We ensure you cost effective and technology agnostic solutions to make a seamless transition.


Our Digital Transformation solution includes:

  • Single Consumer View: Creating a single and unified consumer view from varied channels, insights using third-party data, and master data quality management to improve customer reach, engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Advanced Consumer Analytics: Deriving insights from data to drive action. Next Best Action/recommendation engine using multi-channel analytics, Customer Lifetime Value Analysis that consolidates and integrates fragmented digital initiatives
  • Digital Factory Services: Wipro provides this managed service that creates content across multiple vendors, which can be published quickly, accurately and cost effectively while creating consistency and economies of scale
  • Digital Asset Management - DAM as a Service: Wipro's Digital Asset Management Solution makes large libraries of digital assets omnipresent and accessible from any device ensuring high productivity. It manages the creation and measurement of successful content
  • Ecommerce ecosystem (Encore): Cloud based, mobile, modular, managed multi-channel ecommerce platform to meet elastic demand for IT infrastructure and services. It enables seamless integration with enterprise systems and enhances dynamic collaboration between partners/enterprise silos
  • CRM, Digital Marketing and Social Media: To maintain consistent focus and a 360 degree view on the consumer, Wipro offers CRM, Digital Marketing and Social Media solutions which generate content, manage user groups and events and extend your reach into new markets
  • Location-based services: To increase customer engagement, we provide personalized and relevant services which can be delivered to the consumer anywhere. This results in better targeting and optimized marketing spends
  • Mobile App Factory: Mobile app lifecycle testing and management to strengthen brand equity and enhance customer experience with lower cost of IT