Business Process Services

Home & Personal Care (HPC) companies are combating a shift in market dynamics as consumerism has taken center stage. Business Process Services (BPS) can prove to be a long term business strategy to remove operational inefficiencies and have a differentiated approach to increase ROI, optimize processes and bring the customer closer to the brand at an affordable cost. BPS act as rich customer data assets which help you get key valuable insights on customer behavior.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's BPS provides a real service differentiator and an effective cost management lever to the HPC industry. We enable this by:

  • Offering a utility-based value driven service model to control costs
  • Delivering customer insights extracted from customer-contact data and analytics (speech and text)
  • Leveraging a proprietary platform called Base)))™ with 320 unique processes and 25 productized solutions enabling you to run standardized and efficient operations

Our BPS is business outcome focused, create a dependable repository of institutionalized knowledge, guarantee transparency, controls, compliance and customer management simplification.


With more than a decade of experience in BPS, we have a strong foundation in the following feature-rich and scalable 24X7 customer service solutions across multiple channels, geographies and languages:

  • Sales support - Inbound sales (including cross-sell and upsell)
  • Administrative support - Billing, value-add services, service order processing, workforce dispatch, claims
  • Help desk support - Employee helpdesks, customer retention programs
  • Process optimization - Self-help, call reduction and deflection strategies
  • New age customer service support - Automated chat, speech and text analytics, AI-based voice support, social media marketing

Our solutions are supported with:

  • Natural Voice Self Service (Speech IVR)
  • Next Generation Chat
  • Basic Chat
  • Assisted Chat
  • Virtual Chat
  • Web Self Service
  • Unified Desktop
  • Customer Interaction Hub (CIH)