Sales & Marketing

Food & Beverage (F&B) organizations rely on continuous consumer insights to adjust their Sales & Marketing strategies. The key is to gain customer data and market indicators, analyze them and deploy the insights before trends change. How quickly and accurately F&B organizations respond to change is essential for success. How well they manage their Sales & Marketing campaigns determines if they will lead the market.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Sales & Marketing practice helps you deliver the most effective strategies and campaigns by:

  • Providing core analytics expertise to drive accurate consumer insights
  • Enhancing management and optimization of trade funds with trade spent transformation model
  • Leveraging marketing mix optimization solution for calculating ROI and sales impact


Our Sales & Marketing service offering includes:

  • Trade Promotion Management and Optimization: Enable promotion budgeting, planning and management to maximize returns down to an event level and optimize trade promotion spend by reducing low return promotions and re-allocating spend
  • Marketing Mix Optimization: Evaluate returns on marketing spend between trade, advertising, consumer promotions and digital media. It also helps plan and optimize allocation of spend across marketing platforms
  • Big Data Analytics: Reviewing large and complex datasets to identify demand signals, which determine tipping points with respect to price sensitivity, service sensitivity, and responsiveness to an offer or email. We combine Opera Solutions machine learning expertise with global delivery models that help create industry-specific Big Data analytics solutions such as Consumer Signal HubTM and SignalSensorTM
  • Consumer Engagement - Analytics for Digital and Social Media: Connecting the dots to understand online consumers and conversation, define market segment to focus on and insights into how brand and keyword/ product are perceived by target markets and channels
  • Loyalty, CRM, and Salesforce Automation: Manage loyalty programs and events, leverage CRM to develop a differentiated consumer and customer strategy, and enable salesforce performance