Digital Transformation

Food & Beverage (F&B) organizations need to be run as global enterprises to reduce costs and increase responsiveness to consumer needs. Digital Transformation helps achieve this by linking the entire value chain and customer touch points to enable fast, accurate and reliable data-driven decision-making.

How Wipro Helps

Digital Transformation needs to be enterprise wide for real impact. Wipro's Digital Transformation service helps you achieve this by:

  • Monitoring and decoding consumer tastes and trends
  • Developing and managing supplier relationships for faster response times and lowering costs
  • Creating an internal organization to enable collaboration, partnering and innovations


  • Digital Factory Services and Asset Management: A managed service that creates content across multiple vendors and helps you publish quickly, accurately and cost-effectively while creating consistency and economies of scale. It also helps in managing the capture and storage of digital assets and intellectual capital generated at the back end
  • E-commerce ecosystem (Encore): A cloud-based multi-channel e-commerce platform to meet changing demands for IT infrastructure and services. It enables seamless integration with enterprise systems, and enhances collaboration between partners or enterprise silos
  • CRM, Digital Marketing and Social Media: Consumer communication, social networking and collaboration platforms that engage consumers, generate content and help manage user groups. These platforms also enable enhanced consumer insights that can be used for new product design
  • Mobile App Factory: Mobile app lifecycle testing and management to enable scalable reuse of assets and lower cost of IT
  • REACH: An integrated campaign management solution that spans planning, conceptualization, execution and analysis. The solution delivers:
    • Reduction in campaign costs by about 30% through reuse and repurposing of digital assets
    • Improves time to market for campaigns by over 30%
    • Delivers efficiency improvement in the range of 20-30% through automated processes
    • Delivers improvement in process productivity by about 30%
  • Social Reputation Management (SRM): A Web-based solution through which organizations can use Web and social analytics parameters to assess and improve their digital presence