Commodities Trading & Risk Management

Managing price volatility of commodities, controlling risks and maintaining controls are the keys to margin management for Food & Beverage (F&B) organizations. These organizations stand to benefit from a range of Commodities Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) services that help them evaluate, implement, support and run these critical business functions.

How Wipro Helps

CTRM is a complex activity as it spans internal and external global systems that involve trading, market, risk and position management, logistics and inventory management and invoice settlements. Wipro’s CTRM services help you:

  • Assess the CTRM environment (baseline execution landscape)
  • Select, prioritize and execute CTRM initiatives
  • Accelerate implementation using our proprietary CTRM methodologies and toolkit


Our Commodities Trading & Risk Management service offering includes:

  • Diagnostics and assessments of existing commodities management and performance
  • Methodology and toolkit along with best practices for process improvement
  • Implementation of recommended solutions and technologies