Sales & Marketing

Today’s Fashion industry relies on continuous consumer insights so it can rapidly adjust its Sales and Marketing strategies. The key is to gain customer data and market indicators, analyze them and deploy the insights before trends change. How quickly and accurately fashion businesses respond to change is the key to success. How well you manage your Sales and Marketing campaigns determines the leads in markets.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Sales and Marketing practice help you:

  • Generate accurate shopper and consumer insights through timely analytics
  • With Trade Spend Transformation Models for enhanced Trade Promotion Management (TPM) and Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO)
  • Leverage Marketing Mix Optimization models that tie in strategy, tactics, consumer data, channel selection/response, pricing, etc.

We believe that the fast-moving Fashion industry needs the right products, tactics and timing to ensure success. We, therefore, deploy a range of cost-efficient digital Sales and Marketing strategies through our Digital Transformation practices.


Our focus is on integrating Sales and Marketing platforms to manage multiple customers, data, markets and operations with:

  • Insights in a Box: Defining, profiling and targeting specific segments of shoppers, trips, products and stores
  • Marketing Mix Optimization: Powered by ThinkVine, a Web-based analytics-driven, and scenario-based solution that fuses marketing data and marketing mechanisms to provide insights for accurate decision making
  • TPM/TPO: Trade promotion planning, budgeting, management and optimization through re-allocation of budgets from the leader, Promax
  • Build Integrated Sales and Marketing platform to proactively drive consumer response
  • Advanced Analytics for CRM, Consumer Loyalty and Customer Management via Salesforce Management: Target, reach and communicate with consumers to build loyalty and grow sales revenues