Digital Transformation

Today, consumers in the Fashion industry are demanding an enriching Digital experience across channels. Brand loyalties are built not only in brick-and-mortar stores but also through social media, while on the go and online. These omni channel experiences should provide customers with a “wow” factor and Digital Transformation is the way to achieve this objective.

How Wipro Helps

Digital Transformation needs to be organization-wide for real impact. We deliver:

  • End-to-end Digital Transformation with a focus on consumer centricity
  • Superior understanding of customers; superior targeting of customers
  • Digital Transformation that helps in top line growth


Our consumer-centric Digital Transformation solutions include:

  • Digital Factory Services: A managed service that creates content across multiple vendors, to publish quickly, accurately and cost-effectively while creating consistency and economies of scale
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM): This manages the creation and workflow, measures the success, and monitors and feeds successful content. It uses document and record management based on channels. It also enables economies of scale by integrating with back-office ERP and third-party vendor systems, application development and support. This results in savings in content creation and delivers consistent consumer brand experiences using omni channel campaign management and marketing process outsourcing
  • E-commerce ecosystem including Wipro's ENCORE: Cloud-based, mobile, modular, managed multi-channel e-commerce platform to meet elastic demand for IT infrastructure and services. It also enables seamless integrations with enterprise systems and enhances dynamic collaboration between partners/enterprise silos to meet your needs
  • CRM, Digital Marketing and Social Media: Consumer communication, social networking and collaboration platforms that engage consumers, generate content, manage user groups and events and extend your reach into new markets. It helps you understand your customers needs and, in turn, helps shape products and services while enabling personalization and customization
  • Mobile App Factory: Mobile app lifecycle testing and management to enable scalable reuse of assets and lower cost of IT
  • REACH: An integrated campaign management solution that spans planning, conceptualization, execution and analysis. The solution delivers:
    • Reduction in campaign costs by about 30% through reuse and repurposing of digital assets
    • Improves time to market for campaigns by over 30%
    • Delivers efficiency improvement in the range of 20%-30% through automated processes
    • Delivers improvement in process productivity by about 30%