There is a growing global appetite for fashion in the world of apparel, footwear and accessories. Consumers are being exposed to unique online and in-store shopping experiences, driven by digital innovation. To stay ahead in the competition, Fashion organizations are leveraging process optimization, employee empowerment and technological innovations in design, product development, production, distribution and marketing. There is also a growing focus on emerging markets, omni channel strategy and digital experience.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Fashion practice works with industry leaders to provide you solutions and services that focus on:

  • Industry-specific solutions and services that align technology with business strategy
  • Solutions for a flexible and agile Fiber to Fashion supply chain
  • Higher sell-through by leveraging market mix optimization, Trade Promotion Management/Optimization, merchandising and pricing solutions
  • Digital transformation in omni channel from concept to consumer cycle

Wipro has more than a decade of strategic domain expertise that includes synergies across the "Fiber to Fashion" value chain.

Areas we cover

Supply Chain

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) from companies such as Manhattan Associates, JDA Software Group Inc., SAP and other leaders
  • Supply Chain Planning to achieve the right balance between supply and demand
  • Demand Planning to accurately predict demand for products across size, color, style and other attributes
  • Demand Forecasting to have justified sales projection with optimized resources
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services and solutions
  • Supply Chain Analytics to deliver the right scenario at the right location and at the right time

Sales & Marketing Segment

  • Shopper and Consumer Insights
  • Integrated Sales and Marketing Platform to proactively drive consumer response
  • Leverage Marketing Mix Modelling to evaluate return on marketing spend
  • Trade Promotion Management/Optimization to reduce and optimize marketing costs

Retail Segment

  • Store Operations
  • In store Solutions
  • Customer Experience
  • Ecommerce platforms such as Wipro ENCORE, ATG, WebSphere and Hybris
  • Omni channel Solutions
  • Merchandising and Pricing Solutions
  • Precision Retailing with One-on-One Marketing

Digital Segment

  • Digital brand and campaign management including Wipro REACH platform
  • Digital and social media management to reach out and communicate with consumers
  • Mobility and cloud-based solutions to enhance customer experience
  • Provide digital experience
  • Advanced Analytics to manage consumer relationships, build loyalty and equip the sales force


  • Enterprise Solutions: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft
  • Wipro investment - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A): Promax (TPM/TPO), Opera Solutions
  • Wipro Alliances include Manhattan, JDA Software Group, Inc., ThinkVine, Teradata, PTC, Dassault Systems