Industry Advisory & Business Consulting

Globalizations, changing regulatory norms and technology as well as end-consumer preferences are reshaping the Agribusiness. These have a major impact on organizational processes, procurement, scheduling, performance management, logistics, warehousing, pricing, marketing, commodities trading and quality. Wipro’s Agribusiness practice brings deep expertise with a strong understanding of the “Farm to Fork” value chain.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro has a team of Agribusiness experts who can help you:

  • Develop market and industry insights
  • Build innovative solutions for future needs
  • Build process management frameworks to reduce business risk and maximize business value
  • Understand the growing compliance environment

Our BPO Service is business-outcome focused. It helps create a dependable repository of institutionalized knowledge, guarantee transparency, controls, compliance and customer management simplification.


Some of the focus areas are:

  • Commodities Trading and Risk Management (CTRM): Consulting and services around evaluating, implementing and integrating commodities trading and risk management solutions including business transformation, IT portfolio rationalization and CTRM tool selection
  • Supply Chain: Sourcing and procurement compliance, spend analysis, Lean supply chain, supply chain analytics and strategic sourcing aimed at reducing the complexity and improving efficiency of globalized supply chain
  • Transportation and Logistics: Freight forwarding, route optimization, terminal management, transportation management, warehouse management, visibility solutions, decision support systems, asset optimization, freight management, third party logistics, logistics process optimization and customer experience management to enhance value delivery
  • Analytics and Insights: A complete range of managed analytics services across the entire value chain from farm to fork, including supply chain, trading and farming
  • EcoEnergy Services: A range of sustainable and energy efficient solutions such as customized clean energy solutions, energy efficiency (reduce) and renewable energy (replace). This includes consulting, implementation and managed services
  • Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management: Managed content and cloud-based solutions to address IP and knowledge management
  • Food Safety and Traceability: We have consulting capabilities in assessing food safety processes and reducing the supply chain risks to meet quality requirements through our process automation services