Business Process Services

The biggest challenge for Agribusinesses is lowering operating costs and improving margins. It, thus, becomes critical to consolidate and standardize global business processes in order to optimize costs and maintain service levels. Business Process Services (BPS) ensure that investments and skills are not locked in managing processes such as payroll, financial accounting, inventory, order processing and bill management.

How Wipro Helps

You can benefit from the delivery of our standardized BPS for predictable quality and lowered costs. We enable this by:

  • Offering a utility-based value driven service model to control costs
  • Using analytics to deliver customer insights (from voice and text data)
  • Leveraging Base)))™, a proprietary platform, with 320 unique standardized processes and 25 productized solutions

Our BPS is business-outcome focused. It helps create a dependable repository of institutionalized knowledge, guarantee transparency, controls, compliance and customer management simplification.

Wipro's Unmatched BPS Solutions

With more than a decade of experience in BPS, we have a strong foundation in the following feature-rich and scalable 24X7 solutions across multiple channels, geographies and languages:

  • Administrative support - Order Management, Billing, Trade Execution, Accounting and Reconciliation, HR Process Support
  • Value - added services - Master Data Management, Asset Record Maintenance
  • Helpdesk support - Employee Helpdesks
  • Process optimization - Self-Help, Call Reduction and Deflection Strategies