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Connecting Brands with Consumers

Succeeding in the market today is not just about providing products and services based on consumer and shopper insight. It is about moving ahead from insight to foresight and developing consumer goods that redefine your consumer's tastes and preferences. Consumer goods organizations are re-engineering the way they connect their brands with their consumers based on the following business drivers: 
  • Business to Business (B2B) and Direct to Consumer (D2C) initiatives
  • Continuous innovation and value chain optimization
  • Rapid globalization and growth in emerging markets such as APAC and LATAM
  • Surge of new brands and shopping channels

At Wipro, we have aligned our consumer goods practice around these business driver​s and have invested in strategic themes, which have been built around digital transformation. Our comprehensive set of solutions and services are focused on the dynamic needs of global consumer goods organizations.

  • Advisory and Business Consulting
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Application and Infrastructure Management
  • BPO and BPM
  • Cloud and Mobility
  • Independent Testing and Validation
  • Marketing Mix Optimization
  • Packaged Applications Implementation
  • Supply Chain
  • Trade Promotion Management and Optimization

Wipro serves the unique needs of consumer goods companies in the following segments:

We partner with global consumer goods organizations at every stage in the value chain from "Farm to Fork", "Barley to Beer", "Crop to Consumer", "Fiber to Fashion", and "Chemicals to Cosmetics". Wipro's Consumer Goods practice helps its global client partners do business better by creating market differentiation, reaching emerging global markets and connecting with the always-changing and growing power of today's shopper and consumer. ​

360 Degree View of the Customer: Unlocking via Mobility

A distiller of alcoholic beverages wants to leverage mobility for improving sales. The company decides to issue mobile coupons to their registered app users aged above 21 years.

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Digital Transformation: A CG Perspective

A company redesigning its warehouse replaces its handhelds, laptops and back office computers with a smart device, priced at $1500 or thereabouts.

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New Playground for Global Fashion Players - China & India

We have seen the Fashion Industry shifting focus from manufacturing to wholesale branding in the past and now experiencing another paradigm shift from focus on branding to customer

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The Impact of Direct to Customer on Consumer Goods Organizations

As retailers increase the private label footprint, Consumer Goods (CG) companies are working hard to get closer to their end-consumers and increase brand recall.

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Mobility Impact across the Food Value Chain
Mobility Impact across the Food Value Chain

By 2050, the world population is expected to grow by a third which means an addition of 2.3 billion people will need to be fed, presenting a major challenge to the food

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Unlocking the Potential of Product Lifecycle Management
Unlocking the Potential of Product Lifecycle Management

Food recalls are costly and risky and can threaten the existence of a company. Research indicates that approximately $20 billion is lost every year in the U.S. due to recalls.

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Connecting Brands to Consumers