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High Performance Computing Services

High Performance Computing (HPC) is one of the latest tools used in supercomputers and computer clusters to resolve complicated computing problems. HPC is progressively becoming a spirited tool in applications related to segments such as drug discovery, oil and gas exploration, financial risk modeling, aircraft, and automotive design etc.

The technology incorporates systems administration embracing network and security knowledge and parallel programming into a multidisciplinary field which blends various system software, algorithms, digital electronics and programming languages.

The performance of conventional HPC infrastructure has witnessed a significant improvement with the surfacing of Multi-core CPUs and Core Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and has also resulted in considerable cost cutting. At Wipro, the High Performance Computing practice focuses on offering competent and proficient solutions for HPC applications.

We have engineered HPC services based on these following strengths:
  • More than two decades of experience in R&D services involving clustering, storage, grid computing, parallel programming and virtualization technology
  • Partnerships with HPC vendors for HPC services, hardware, software and tools
  • CUDA center of excellence focused on GPU based application parallelization (e.g. - nVIDIA GPUs)
  • Five world class data centers in USA
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