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Computer Peripherals Services

The revolution in the peripherals industry is being driven by the need to adapt to changes in the market environment and the technological landscape. Shrinking product life cycles, changing customer preferences, shrinking margins and stringent environmental legislations have put manufacturers under severe pressure. As a result, organizations need to offer unique products through continuous enhancement and improvement. Customer insights, emerging market analysis, supply chain visibility and service transformation are some of the current trends in the industry.

The changes in the market requirement and technological landscape of the peripherals industry have led Printers and Multi-Functional Printer product companies to optimize printing infrastructure, enhance printing and imaging management tools, reduce paper-intensive processes and reduce risk by enhancing security. The same is true for ATM/POS product companies as they too expand their capabilities into areas like diagnostics.

Wipro provides services that cover the entire product development life cycle including development of design engines, controllers, firmware, host software and drivers. Wipro helps the computer peripherals industry to drive product innovation through a combination of product engineering, IT and BPO services. Shorter time-to-market product strategy has been achieved by embracing agile design technologies that promote flexibility and lower development cost. We serve domains like Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, etc. by offering a number of industry-specific solutions.

Wipro also helps organizations hone their business strategy through IT and Engineering solutions. This includes IPs, patent pending frameworks, and Hi-Tech industry processes like product design and development, supply chain, manufacturing, customer relationship and services life cycle.

Wipro offers solutions across Workflow Management, application/infrastructure modernization, Cloud computing, SaaS, Green IT, Master Data Management, Demand Planning, Incentive Compensation and partner & IT performance. Based on industry trends, we also provide associated solutions like pricing and spend management, collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment and third party ordering.‚Äč

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