Wipro CEM

Customer experience is key to enhance the market position of Telecom operators amongst their customer base. However, there is tremendous hype and rampant confusion on the subject. This inhibits access to insights on customer behavior that can potentially increase the effectiveness of marketing, sales and operations. The need of the hour is standardization and integration of different customer touch points resulting in enhanced satisfaction, reduced churn and cost to serve the customer.

How Wipro Helps

Define - A multi-dimensional definition which takes into account the various aspects of customer experience from network to customer care

Measure - Many different measures like Net Promoter Score, results of external surveys, touch-point surveys and feedback from the Web and social media are used to gauge customer perception. We offer you operational experience in administering and refining such surveys. Our solutions for text and speech analytics help you glean insights from customer interaction records

Improve - A key to realizing value from customer experience is to prioritize initiatives that deliver better improvements in customer indices. Our process-driven evaluation framework helps in prioritization of customer experience initiatives. In addition to this approach, we have expertise in the following initiatives:

  • Multi-channel sales and service
  • Analytics-segmentation, churn and marketing ROI

Key benefits of our CEM solution include:

Definition and implementation of the right metrics to measure the performance of customer-centric operations Improved productivity of channels such as contact centers, retail point of sales and online presence

Differentiated retail solution for engaging customers throughout their stay in crowded stores thus providing them transparency and control to choose personalized offerings and save time

Intelligent and contextual IVR solution to help customers get to the exact information from based on event triggers from network, CRM etc., without going through long IVR menus. This helps CSPs cut operations cost by containing the interactions within IVR only