Telecom Insights

Telcos need to keep pace with changing usage trends by proactively detecting actual experience levels from the live network. They also need to detect customer experience issues from live network data, instead of waiting for customer feedback. There are opportunities for up/cross sell based on actual usage pattern changes in live network data. This needs to be achieved by completing the processing cycle from identification of prospects to sending responses in minutes instead of days.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro’s Telecom Event Analytics solution uses live network data to identify opportunities in the form of certain events, enables complete contextual understanding of the events, predicts the impact using real time analytics and implements the next best action with complex event processing techniques.

The main features of our solution are as follows:

Event Detection

  • Accurately detects opportunities by using complex pattern detection and real time predictive analytics on live network call data. This data is collected from network elements in near real time

Understand Context

  • Near real time integration of intelligence, derived from live network data, combined with the data on customer segment, customer preference, usage patterns and CRM information enables a 360 degree understanding of the event in the right context

Impact Prediction

  • A rich suite of analytical models enables precise prediction of impact for different use cases

Next Best Action

  • Cuts down cycle time from lead detection to response dispatch leading to much higher conversion rates

Faster Go-To-Market

  • Pre-built, end-to-end use cases for churn prevention, usage stimulation, and location based marketing and cross-selling along with vendor specific data collection connectors cut down go to market timelines by a staggering 60%

Detect Events Detect changes in usage patterns, experience levels within the network

Understand Context 360° understanding of the event in the context of the customers's segment prole, past preferences and usage patterns

Next Best Action Determine the next best action in terms of the right channel, message and time to send offer and communication. Implement the action

Predict Impact Real time predictive analytics to quantify the impact of the event - like possible attrition, cross/up-sell opportunity, fraud etc.

The key benefits of our solution include:

Churn Management

  • Prioritizes response for maximum impact by using real time predictive analytics
  • Enhanced speed of response helps address bad usage experience before the customer can switch over to a competitor

Expected Benefit: 12-25% improvement in churn rates per year for VIP customers

Customer Experience

  • Uses self-learning techniques so that the detection and response mechanism keeps pace with changing consumer preferences

Expected Benefit: 25% improvement in net promoter score

Revenue Enhancement

  • Achieves higher detection and conversion rates by applying real time predictive analytics
  • Response is sent within minutes of detection of a certain event, which helps to convert the opportunity before it moves to competitors

Expected Benefit: 40% improvement in revenue growth per year for VIP customers

Marketing Campaign

  • Improved opportunity detection and faster cycle time lead to better conversion rates
  • Data driven analytical models and combination of local and generic factors in analytics lead to higher accuracy levels and better ROI on campaign spends

Expected Benefit: 50-150% improvement in lead response time and conversion rates