Payments Transformation

The Payments industry is evolving rapidly due to technological advances and changes in the regulatory landscape. There is a need for financial institutions to remain relevant to both consumers and corporates as they face recessionary pressures and rising competition. Organizations that are able to address security and execution concerns will emerge triumphant in a world where transactions are increasingly becoming cashless.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro has experience across the retail and wholesale Payments lifecycle. We offer services across domain, technology and infrastructure, analytics and data management and process consulting. Wipro's value proposition in Payments spans across System Integration, Application Development & Maintenance and Consulting services. We also nurture a culture of innovation and co-innovate with our customers to develop solutions and services.

Wipro delivers Payments transformational programs, product development engagements and key solutions that address the complex requirements in Payments. Our mission is to:

  • Provide a comprehensive suite of Payments and Payments-related solutions, support and services, wrapped in advice and counsel that are priced to reflect the value received
  • Position Wipro as both a value-added provider of services and as a partner to customers by developing and maintaining competitive, creative, cost-effective and easy-to-implement payments-related tools that are key to the financial and business process management activities of financial institutions
  • Leverage our strength as a trusted advisor and transformation partner to bring your Payments and Payments-related strategy from-thought-to-finish using our exemplary set of services, integrated consulting and BPO capabilities