WiQTr- Enterprise Quality Management Solution

Automotive OEMs are currently losing billions of dollars in warranty expenses. An organization-wide framework to capture failure signals from customers, dealers, service teams, call centers is needed to build a comprehensive mechanism to process these signals into insights The insights gleaned from unstructured data (customer complaints, dealer’s comments, service engineer’s analysis) are analyzed to reveal the root cause of failures. This data not only allows organizations to understand the nature of failures, but also helps engineering and production departments to make necessary product & process improvements.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's WiQTr solution, which is based on an approved US patent, helps to improve product quality, identify root cause and focus on the transaction improvements.

Our solution:

  • Captures structured and unstructured data from multiple sources - warranty claims, field trouble reports, call center data, telematics data, voice of customer surveys and shop floor traceability data
  • Converts the unstructured data into structured data
  • Provides a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) workbench to perform RCA
  • Generates Failure Mode Effect Analysis reports
  • Feeds into dealer service bulletins
  • Helps identify affected vehicles for recall campaigns
  • Provides reliability reports
  • Sends feedback on root cause reports to suppliers

The key benefits of our solution are:

  • Understands the root cause of product failures and takes the precise corrective actions to improve product design/manufacturing process, which in turn will result in lesser warranty failures
  • Enables knowledge sharing among the dealer community leading to faster and correct resolution of customer issues at the dealership
  • Semi-automated generation of engineering change requests and failure mode effect analysis reports resulting in time and effort savings
  • Helps identify failures proactively and issues selective recall notifications, reducing the number of vehicles being recalled
  • Establishes and communicates the supplier's role in product failures and helps recovery of corresponding expenses from the supplier.
  • Provides extended warranty design that will help OEMs price its extended warranty coverage better resulting in more sales
  • Helps manufacturers improve brand positioning and dealer/end-customer satisfaction