Warranty Management Solution

The Automotive industry faces several challenges related to Warranty Claims Processing. These include manual processing with high processing costs and lengthy waiting times, customer and dealer dissatisfaction, high warranty waste, low recovery costs from suppliers and lack of visibility into product defects. The industry needs a customer-centric solution that will reduce the time to verify warranty coverage and entitlements, adjudicate claims automatically, provide consistent decisions and expedite warranty claim payments.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Warranty Management solution is based on the industry-leading CRM platform - Siebel. The key features of our solution are:

  • Warranty administration: Allows definition of warranty coverage, entitlements and rules. Manages warranty registrations, disposition rules, and security/role administration
  • Claims management: Allows service centers to submit claims, carry out pre-verifications, and conduct rules based verification: Automates claims decision (approval/rejection) processes
  • Supplier recovery: Helps is determining the supplier of the original failed part and recovering warranty expenses. Tracks supplier claims against actual recovery
  • Financial settlements: Processes all financial transactions related to dealer payments and supplier recoveries
  • Warranty performance: Enables monitoring of quality, service performance and partner efficiency metrics. Provides early warning sensing and Root Cause Analysis

By adopting our Warranty Management solution, you will get the following benefits:

  • Faster processing: Increased speed and efficiency of claims processing
  • Dealer and customer satisfaction: Enhanced user experience for dealers
  • Reduce waste/fraud: Increased accuracy of claims validation process and improved warranty parts return process
  • Improved flexibility: Improved flexibility for future business changes/ requirements and flexibility to enhance and configure as business needs dictate