EcoMeter Connect

The global Automotive industry could save billions of dollars by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving fuel efficiency. An integrated approach that addresses regulations, technological improvements and eco-conscious driving can help achieve these goals. Information collected from telematics gateway can help improve customer satisfaction and direct fuel savings. It can also help reduce emission and improve fuel efficiency for OEMs, voluntary-based business opportunities for insurance companies, automotive dealerships and service stations, and adherence to government regulations.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's EcoMeter Connect solution (US patent applied) supports various stakeholders involved in the emission reduction business. Our solution is an innovative and cost effective way of tackling emission reductions and fuel-efficiency improvements.

Key features of our solution are:

Our solution:

  • Integration with vehicle CANBUS to extract eco-parameters
  • Instantaneous display to driver to enhance eco driving through real-time Human-Machine-Interface
  • Data transmission via telematics gateway for post-trip analytics
  • Telematics server hosted on cloud to enable pay-per-use model
  • Owner portal for post-trip analysis, peer comparison and projections
  • Consumer mobile apps for notifications and trip analyses

EcoMeter Connect is offered as a part of our Connected Car platform.

Wipro's EcoMeter Connect solution captures information related to driving behavior that has an impact on eco parameters in terms of higher emissions or fuel consumption. The data is processed using Telematics Control Unit and based on an algorithm it estimates the Eco-Index. Driving behavior related data is sent to the back-end server, which runs an analytics engine to derive intelligence from the trip, and carry out multiple projections, comparisons and recommendations. The cloud-hosted server ensures that the users could use this application based on their needs and the pricing is based on a cost-effective model. Our solution offers the following key benefits:

  • Improvement in fuel efficiency
  • Reduction in Co2e emissions
  • Reinforce green driving and meet regulatory requirements