Supply Chain

Greater demand volatility, increased supply chain velocity and dispersed sourcing and manufacturing are the new challenges to Supply Chain management and coordination. The priority is to ensure least landed cost for direct and indirect materials procurement. Procurement planning and forecasting are expected to become more dynamic, responsive, and data driven with near real time coordination with external partners.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro helps you make your Supply Chain more agile, dynamic, cost efficient, connected and visible, leveraging our customized services in areas including value assessment, package implementation and maintenance-support upgrade services. We help you gain this through:

  • Collaborative Demand & Supply Planning
  • Global Sourcing & Procurement
  • Supply Chain Visibility & Spend Analytics
  • Warehousing & Transportation

Wipro has capabilities across Enterprise Applications, Process Optimization, Business Intelligence and Information Management in the SCM and SRM space.

Wipro's comprehensive service offerings in Automotive Supply Chain cover the following important business processes:

Collaborative Demand & Supply Planning: We help optimize profitability and service levels across the business networks by accurately forecasting demand and delivering the required supply at the minimum cost. This helps to improve demand visibility, reduce time to market, minimize inventory and obsolescence, and improve order performance thereby reducing costs.

The important services offered in this value chain area are:

  • Improving Forecast Accuracy - Enhanced forecasting accuracy and effectiveness with collaborative consensus-driven demand planning and advanced statistical forecasting techniques
  • Improving Demand-Supply Alignment - Seamless integration between all stakeholders in the value chain, especially alignment of customer demands with vendor requirements
  • Inventory Planning - Generating procurement plans to optimize inventory at each distribution center, ensuring the highest levels of available stock for a given customer service level target
  • Distribution Requirement Planning - Enables replenishment planning of inventory and distribution movements through every node of the Supply Chain, from supplier through manufacturer and through all levels of distribution chain

Global Sourcing & Procurement: Wipro has proven capabilities with over 12 years of experience in sourcing almost all automotive commodity categories from global markets, having addressed more than USD 1 billion in cumulative spend and accrued savings of over 10%, with 300 man years of Supply Chain Management experience.

The services offered in this value chain area are:

  • Strategic Sourcing - Complete range of services including market entry strategy, supplier identification and selection, commodity prioritization, localization planning and supplier risk assessments
  • Cost Management - Aggregate/ component cost estimations including should costs, target costs and total landed costs using principles of linear performance pricing, best-of-best benchmarking, value-driver pricing, and using tools of RFX management, advance sourcing, online bidding and reverse auctions
  • Supplier Management - Monitoring operations of the multi-tier supplier network during the part development cycle by validating Production Part Approval Process (PPAPs), coordination and follow-up for direct and indirect procurement, conducting quality audits and assessments, preparing and monitoring corrective actions, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enablement, vendor tiering and rationalizations

Supply Chain Visibility: With increase in global operations, need for accurate and timely tracking of inventory and shipments assumes critical importance. The services offered in this area are:

  • Vehicle Visibility- Visibility of finished vehicles or CKD Kits for importers right from purchasing to manufacturing planning and assembly to imports, to multiple sub-contracting, to sales order assignments, distribution and logistics, dealer inventory visibility, warranty, trade-ins, used vehicle scenarios, ownership tracking, till end of life and remanufacturing
  • Components Visibility - Increasing the visibility of parts supplied by vendors in a multi-tier scenario results in better planning and scheduling

Warehousing & Transportation:

The services offered in this value chain area are:

  • Advisory Services on Operational Efficiency Improvement - Analyze the flow of products from inbound to outbound in the warehouse in determining the best warehouse structure/ layout design, identify the best logical path for put away/ picking, minimize double handling of the product resulting in increased operational productivity
  • Warehouse Automation - Guide, provide and implement the various automation tools for the warehouse such as mobility solutions, radio frequency devices/ technology, pick-to-light solutions, conveyors systems and site survey for networking
  • Handling 3PLs, Transporters, Warehouses and Distribution Centers - It is an integral part where organizations use third party logistics providers for storing inventory and ship their facilities to the end customer. Our experience in dealing with third party logistics ensures that the communication, product traceability and on time shipments will be carried out effectively and efficiently