Marketing & Sales

Today global Auto manufacturers are struggling with dwindling enquiries, longer conversion lead times, lower profitability due to heavy discounting, and a constant fight to retain market share in the highly competitive marketplace. The priorities are hence strongly focused on reducing cost of Marketing & Sales and achieving high lead to sale conversion ratio. Deriving insights from all customer interactions and touch-points is on high priority, since there is a need to glean meaningful insights with focused analytics on customer data to sell effectively in a tough and diminishing market.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro has gained strong domain experience in Marketing & Sales, primarily from developing in-house domain solutions like Dealer Management Systems, and from multiple global Implementations across product platforms. Main services cover:

  • Dealer Management System and Portals
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media Analytics
  • Vehicle Incentive Management
  • Vehicle Leasing and Financing

A brief on our services for Marketing & Sales processes are explained below:

Digital Marketing & Social Media Analytics

  • Leveraging Social Media: Generating referrals and spreading Word of Mouth (WoM), customer profiling and identifying influencers, connecting with prospects through social media
  • Online Branding: Effective brand promotion leveraging next generation brand sites and online branding
  • Voice of Customers: Personalized digital marketing using insights gleaned from customer voice and sentiments expressed online
  • Analytics: Digital marketing and social media analytics for maximum marketing impact
  • Return on Marketing Investments (ROMI): Accurately measure ROMI by extending closed loop marketing platform

Dealer Management System and Portals

  • Developed a robust in-house solution, and implemented multiple products for global clients
  • Modules in Wipro's DMS include Customer Relationship Management, Presales, Sales, Service, Parts, Accounting and Order Management
  • Includes complete ownership of the solution development and implementation including maintenance, trainings, remote helpdesk & sustenance
  • Wipro offers cloud-hosted DMS, offering cost-effective 'pay-per-use' licensing models
  • Our in-house point solutions and accelerators include 'Freeway', which is a STAR standards-based integration between the manufacturer and dealer systems, and a DMS certification and on-boarding platform
  • A 'one-stop shop' for entire OEM-Dealer IT systems ensuring faster on-boarding
  • Developed dealer and customer portals for global clients, which helps to improve inventory and transaction visibility

Vehicle Incentive Management

The main functionalities are as below:

  • Incentive Planning and Budgeting: Ability to plan incentives programs across model variants and regions, and carry out budget planning accordingly
  • Incentive Program creation: Targeted incentives and marketing campaigns to cater to different markets and customer segmentations
  • Incentive Performance: Evaluation of performance of various Incentive programs, and their return on investments
  • Qualifications and Payments: Qualifying incentive eligibility based on a complex rules engine and enabling payments
  • Incentive Analytics: Analyze incentive program performances, competitive analysis of sales performance and incentives paid by market segment, and forecasting

Vehicle Leasing and Financing

Wipro has gained strong expertise in vehicle leasing and financing through multiple global implementations and developing in-house solutions. Few highlights are as below:

  • NetOxygen: Our enterprise lending platform allowing accelerators for self-help across lending and leasing space
  • Customer Acquisition Management Solution: Helps in increasing prospect conversion rate while reducing customer acquisition cost and customer portfolio risks
  • Internet Banking Capability Enhancers: Increase in adoption rate while reducing customer servicing cost
  • Loan Restructuring Portal and Back End Tool: Allows reduction in charge-offs and delinquency rates and cost of processing
  • Mobility-based Auto Loan Dealer Dashboard: Enables auto loans sales teams to effectively manage dealer relationships in the areas of lead management, sales planning, risk reporting, promotions and calculators
  • Pre-approved Loan Couponing: NFC-based mobile app for auto and consumer loan and capable of incorporating social feeds