Automotive Manufacturing is at an interesting juncture. On one hand, global slowdown is leading to unpredictable capacity utilization and on the other hand, need for product diversity to stay competitive and be open to newer geographies is challenging the flexibility of the existing infrastructure. This requires faster design-to-build facility, rapid achievement of economies of scale and flexible assembly line to suit multiple products.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro has rich experience in executing several complex projects in the Automotive Manufacturing space. These include manufacturing process improvements, shop floor automations, early warning analytics, and various quality improvement solutions.

Key areas of focus in Manufacturing are:

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Assembly Processing system
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Quality Transformation solutions

A brief on our Manufacturing services are explained below:

Smart Manufacturing

Wipro has developed rapid deployment solution for smart manufacturing needs that results in improved yields, increased machine efficiency, reduced rejects and efficient quality metrics. This helps improve factory agility and optimizes performance of factory floor systems. Functionalities include

  • Integrated plant execution systems
  • Factory floor systems optimization
  • Real-time analytics and decision support

Wipro has developed platform dependent (SAP) and independent (custom built) solutions that can be integrated with OEMs ERP system to monitor shop floors on real-time, that provides performance dashboard for faster corrective actions to reap better yields from assets.

Assembly Processing system

  • A robust Automotive assembly processing system that entails standardization of production processes, integration of assembly lines, optimization of production scheduling, tool usage and ergonomics
  • Provides analytics support on the go for worldwide production monitoring and optimization, thereby reducing operational cost

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Defines metrics for performance measurement, serves as a single window tool for all asset monitoring and connects with third party systems for efficient asset utilization
  • Functionalities include supplier integrations, tool movement tracking, and managing project financials
  • Serves as a single platform that schedules maintenance of individual tools to machines, records service notes and collect user data for predictive maintenance.

Manufacturing Analytics

  • Integrated Production control systems
    • Consolidating various production control systems into a single application
    • Insightful dashboards which provide real time visibility for executive decision making
  • Enterprise Quality Management
    • Wipro has developed a solution WiQTr, based on a US approved patent, to improve enterprise quality management
    • Captures multiple product quality & failure information from the field (both structured and unstructured data)
    • Facilitates a comprehensive decision support system to help root cause analysis, failure mode effect analysis
    • Supports subsequent product quality improvement activities
  • Early Warning analytics
    • Analysis of field and warranty failures co-related with assembly line inspection and rework data can lead to deriving improvement opportunities
    • Early warning failure patterns & probabilities help to reduce actual failures and warranty payouts