System Integration

Customized IT infrastructure is a must for the modern military. Futuristic conflicts will have increasing dependency on IT systems supporting the tenants of Net-Centric Warfare. Asset management, including legacy systems are to be integrated to optimize operational and logistic needs.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro supports Aerospace & Defense (A&D) organizations by enabling their IT systems and process outsourcing, and providing a secure and optimized IT infrastructure. We leverage our practitioner experience to deliver transformational programs. Our worldwide presence and global delivery model along with strategic alliances across products and services provide you the market competitiveness and agility to meet customer demands. Our System Integration service is supported by our experience in compliance with Government regulations for the Defense industry and exposure to large-scale integration programs.

  • Land Systems

    Land Systems
    • Infrastructure - Complete implementation of data center and disaster recovery sites. Our data center includes a messaging solution, Web portal, networking routers and switches. It also includes Network Management System (NMS) and Element Management System (EMS) to help the exchange of important operational information between Army units and personnel

    Maritime Systems

    Maritime Systems
    • Comprehensive Defense Grade Testing Services - We set up ruggedized routing switches for networks onboard naval vessels. This involves factory, integration and harbor acceptance tests. We have been offering training and product support to Aerospace & Defense organizations for over a decade
    • Application Development and Implementation - Naval application of financial management information systems
    • Naval Meteorological Analysis Centre - We have helped in setting up a Meteorological Analysis Centre (MAC) as a turnkey project. The MAC comprises a main hub with 16 nodes for processing, plotting and analyzing meteorological data for forecasting

    Air & Space Systems

    Air & Space Systems
    • Asset and Infrastructure Management for Defense Services - We enable ERP for the integration of operational and logistics assets distributed across several sites/locations. The key domains we service include air, ground, communication, and surveillance and maintenance systems. Our holistic program includes support for operators, technicians and engineers across the Indian sub-continent
    • Satellite and Missile Programs - We also support the sovereign Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP). Since the 1980-90s we have been providing the necessary computing technology for the prestigious ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) program and Ethernet controllers for National Oceanographic labs