There is a continuous effort on part of the Aircraft Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) vendors to improve their operational effectiveness in a bid to stay ahead of the competition.

The industry, however, has been plagued by some serious problems in recent times which have been mainly related to an inefficient supply chain system based on the following:
  • Dependency on access to accurate information
  • Regulation compliance requirements
  • Non-availability of a consolidated statistical and qualitative data repository for the business planning activity
Wipro's solution
We establish an automated shared environment which enables seamless integration across various applications including Engineering, Production Operations, Support and Services and Airline Maintenance. This can be utilized by airline companies, MRO providers and suppliers for the successful execution of the manufacturing and maintenance processes. This improves aircraft dispatch reliability and availability. We also enable better collaboration between airline manufacturers, airline companies and the MRO industry thus providing:
  • Access to real-time diagnostic information and exchange of relevant data
  • Integration of spare parts planning, ordering and supplier management
  • Maintenance of aircraft configuration details which enable technologies that turn airplane operating data into actionable information and knowledge

Our solution also addresses the expectations of various stakeholders which help improve aircraft dispatch reliability and availability, and reduce AOG time. This enhances your value chain operational efficiency as well as reduces the MRO and M&E costs.

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