Business Service Management (BSM)

Business Service Management (BSM) focuses on how IT organizations can set up systems and processes to monitor and measure different business services and represent IT performance as a Business Service Scorecard, rather than an IT service report. Wipro Infotech enables you to monitor business services and helps in improving overall IT performance with reduced costs. Through BSM, Wipro Infotech provides the following for your business:

  • Develops meaningful, tangible SLAs between the IT organization and the business constituents who use them.
  • Effectively monitors, measures and delivers the service levels required to meet business priorities.
  • Measures the quality of the IT Service at the Point of Use (End User Desktops) for the critical business services.
  • Proactively identifies business service performance issues and resolves them before they can have any impact on the business.

We have partnered with leading companies to use industry standard tool sets including Mercury Business Availability Centre, Compuware Vantage Suite, BMC Atrium Suite, HP OpenView Suite and SAP SEM.

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