The world of business as we know it is rapidly changing – globalization has become ingrained, trade and finance is volatile, customers are more demanding and competition has only increased. Organizations have increasingly turned to technology to help win against the challenges of the 21st Century.

Today's CIOs recognize that technology can help them drive business outcomes by improving operations, build customer relationships and partnerships and drive innovation. Wipro can enable you to respond and change according to business needs – Change that helps you to "Do Business Better" and be future-ready.


For us, this concept of change – Do Business Better – is based on four themes specific to IT adoption that are shaping current and future business. They are:

  • Innovation to win in a world of constraints
    As resources (energy, capital or talent) diminish, organizations will need to innovate in various ways to sustain themselves.
  • Variabilization of technology to enhance business agility
    Uses tenets like scale, standardization, simplification and Lean to drive efficiency, optimize delivery and lower unit costs.
  • Consumerization of technology fuelling  business value through productivity
    Services and products in the consumer space are driving enterprise technology advances and its deployment today.
  • Analytics driven experimentation and performance improvement
    Leading companies are leveraging analytics to outperform their peers and succeed in a globalized market.

Wipro believes that organizations will remodel themselves for the future by adopting either one or more of these themes to create a sustainable business and accelerate growth.


Do Business Better

Future business is driven by our ability to utilize the changing business dynamics to our advantage, we call this "Do Business Better"
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