Wipro Delight

The technological per-capita capacity for information storage in the world doubles every 40 months. Two key peculiarities accompany this data explosion – the shift from structured to unstructured data, and the move from transactional to social data relationships. Bringing the data together from a multitude of diverse data sources can help achieve breakthrough customer insights.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro Delight establishes a single view of an entity across structured and unstructured data sources both internal and external to an organization such as social media sites, public forums and third party information providers. By enriching the CRM with insights from myriad of disparate sources, the following insights are enabled:

  • Customer Identity (across internal IT silos and external sites)
  • Customer Influencers (brands, people & events)
  • Customer Propensities (to buy, churn, refer & persist)

The challenges in deriving intelligence from the vast ocean of structured and unstructured data are disparate data sources, high noise to signal ratio, erroneous data (misspelt names, incomplete addresses etc.), and duplicate and incoherent data. Overcoming all these challenges, Wipro Delight seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources both within and outside your organization. This includes unstructured data from social media websites, public forums and third party information providers. The solution then infers similarity in identities across internal data sources and across social media websites, blogs and public forums to provide a unified 360 degree view of the entity.