Pricing Agility

With an all-pervasive and all the more tech-savvier consumer, the world today is price transparent. What should be the retailer’s answer to the world where comparison shopping has become an easily available option for consumers? Sound market intelligence and price analysis lead to competitive price positioning driving volumes and profit margins.

How Wipro Helps

At Wipro, we work towards creating a present closer to the future. By combining the power of advanced analytics and machine learning technologies, a price intelligence which looks beyond the internal parameters into the factors leading to customers' intent and actions is created. The system thus created is:

  • Consumer Context Aware
  • Competitor Aware
  • Channel Aware
  • Real Time Pricing Interventions

Price Intelligence needs to move beyond rudimentary price analytics towards monitoring and predicting every aspect of consumers needs and behavior. This involves access to and mining of external pricing influencers including social sites, web browsing patterns, review sites, forums etc. in addition to the internal pricing influencers. Knowing both consumer and the competitor intentions well in advance and the capability to make real time pricing interventions can help you, as a retailers, to survive the changing price transparent and omni-channel nature of modern day shopping. Our Pricing Agility solution provides the following benefits to both online and brick and mortar retailers:

  • Respond to pricing data from all internal and external stakeholders
  • Provide real-time and historical trend analysis
  • Convey contextual pricing information to multiple channels
  • Stream Data processing enables real-time data input, processing from multiple pricing triggers
  • Light-weight real-time analytics to allow for near real-time pricing interventions