Maternal Care Solution

Advanced maternal care technologies that enable superior monitoring of the expecting mother providing visibility into vital information about mother and fetus are the call of the hour. Clinical complications during pregnancy might lead to pre-mature delivery or even still birth. Globally around 2.6 million stillbirths occur 98% of which take place in medium and low income countries.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro Assure Health Maternity Care Solution helps improve your obstetrics care by enabling remote assessment of fetal and maternal well-being by the care physician enabling:

  • Remote Viewing and Central Station Connectivity and electronic storage of clinical data
  • Patient friendly - no belts; natural birthing position
  • Ambulation during induction & labor to encourage delivery, reduce pain and interventions
  • Assure Health Platform

    Health Platform
    • Cloud based platform
    • Mobile based solutions
    • On premise as well off-premise solutions
    • Near run-time data available to the doctors
    • Data security

    Maternal Care Solution

    Mental Care
    • High Risk Pregnancies
    • Central Nursing Stations
    • Hospitals and Birthing Centers
    • Home Monitoring


    • Noninvasive and emission free
    • Allows Ambulation
    • Suitable for obese women
    • Technology Advantage
    • Accuracy