Technology breakthroughs play a remarkable role in redefining consumer experience and determining how we live our lives. With consumers becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding, technology innovations today happen at an astounding pace – the consumption and delivery platforms evolving steadily. In this rapidly changing world, the key to doing business better lies not so much in creating new technologies as with the skill and ability to effectively innovate and create breakthrough applications at the intersection of technologies.

How Wipro Helps

Innovations at the intersection of technologies are leading to the creation of new services, products and breakthrough applications. These have the potential to change user experience beyond current comprehension. It is at the point of intersection of energy management, miniaturization, machine data, Cloud technologies, smart networks and analytics that break through innovations happen.

CTO delivers value with:

  • Technology Themes
  • IP/Assets Based Solutions
  • Open Execution Model
  • Specialized Competencies

    • Machine Learning
    • Cognitive System
    • Deep Learning
    • User Experience Design
    • Common Sense Reasoning
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Dialogue Based Interfaces

    Focus Areas

    • Cognitive Systems
    • Smart Devices
    • Man Machine Interfaces
    • Next Gen Application Architectures
    • Robotics and Drones
    • Software Defined Everything

    Key Differentiators

    • Create new products and services
    • Reach new markets
    • Quantum shifts in operational efficiencies
    • Enhance user experience